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The Owner

During the summer before my senior year of high school, I went on a youth trip to the Soviet Union. While there, we visited a beautiful little area, Tbilisi, Georgia. We only had a few hours to visit and were allowed to explore the town on our own. Within 2 minutes, I found people following me and trying their best to get close to me and have a chance to talk to me. Just as my visit to their town was an unusual experience for me, so was my presence an unusual experience for them. Shop owners closed their shops when I came in and people on the street introduced themselves, offering to show me around. Everyone seemed to want to show me how they lived and wanted an opportunity to ask me about my life. It was the most amazing and heart-warming experience I have ever had.

I quickly realized that this is the type of travel experience I want to always have - having a chance to meet people, to see how they live, and to experience lifestyles that are so different than mine, but, yet, so similar. It has been over 30 years since I was in Tblisi. I have travel to may countries

since then. Yet, I can remember the taste of the lollipop (made from the local honey) the vendor on the street gave me; I can still remember the shopkeeper’s smile and those of his family that came into the shop to meet me. I can still clearly see the faces of all the people who stopped to greet me (whether they spoke English or not), those that shook my hand, and the little old lady that gave me a hug. These are the types of memories and stories to tell I think everyone should get through travel.

– Marla Bruce

What We Do

Stories to Tell Travel is a full-service travel agency that works with you to customize or choose a pre-planned vacation package to meet your interests, group size, and travel style. We seek out those special activities that will make your vacation a memorable one. We arrange all aspects of your trip (transfers, airline, hotel, tours, special dinners, and more). We are also available for consultations if you just want a little guidance with a trip you are considering or planning to book yourself.

​Besides booking your vacation, we offer pre-travel guidance and services to help you obtain visas, vaccinations, packing help, language classes, cultural awareness seminars, and more.

How We Work

Our goal at Stories to Tell Travel is to make travel planning and booking an enjoyable experience. Your involvement in the process can be as limited or involved as you wish.
We offer several ways for you to find your perfect vacation:
  • Choose one of the pre-planned, ready-to-book options which are available for immediate booking.
  • Select one of the current Specials and Promotions which are posted regularly on our website.
  • Hire an agent to create the perfect bespoke itinerary. Agents can be hired for a flat fee or by the hour.
We are accessible and communicate via phone, website chat, text, Zoom, email, or in person

Certifications & Accreditations

Stories to Tell Travel is accredited by IATAN and is a certified expert with many destinations, hotels, and cruise lines. Below is just a sample of certificates our agency has received.

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